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Founded in 2017, Leasing Worx is a real estate leasing consultancy firm.


Leasing Worx

Real Estate Leasing Consultants

We are passionate about our business and value the relationships that we have built. We are dedicated and focused and we have the knowledge and experience to take on any commercial or retail project and turn it into a success, no matter the complexity and challenges involved. We understand the dynamics of property development.

We are focused on building long term relationships and delivering feasible, sustainable developments that will translate into economic growth for the participating tenants. We also strongly believe in community upliftment, creating opportunities for alleviating poverty and the promotion of entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Our knowledge and skills are diverse and so is the services that we offer.

Our services range from leasing of retail and commerical developments. the disposal and acquisition of retail, commercial and industrial property, development advisory services tenant advisory services.

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Project Leasing

We seek to get involved early in the design phase due to our intricate understanding of all of the major and national tenants’ design and size requirements so that we can manage the design more efficiently, provide effective solutions, and identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes during the construction phase of the project.

Each shopping centre is different and each project has different challenges with a tenant mix that will cater to the needs of the customer base that the development will serve and our awareness and knowledge of this gives us a competitive advantage.

We have built strong relationships with many stakeholders and we are able to gauge the viability of a proposed new development effectively and efficiently.

Our main objective is to reach the required pre-let target, if this is a pre-requisite, in a reasonable time period in order for the project to progress to the next stage. Timing is everything in retail development and making target dates is of utmost importance. We'll also provide guidance on the layout and design of the shopping centre, provide the proposed tenant mix and income budget according to the initial design, provide the architect, quantity surveyor and tenant coordinator with tenant specifications for budgeting purposes, conduct credit checks, collect FICA documents and provide bi-weekly leasing updates.

We are able to provide the developer with realistic timelines in order to plan the project accordingly. Our focus is on managing and attaining the target dates to mitigate risk and possible delays.

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Vacancy Leasing

Have an existing shopping centre and vacant stores? Is your shopping centre in need of a tenant mix strategy in order to strengthen its appeal and position? Look no further. We know that each shopping centre is different, each one with different challenges and a different customer profile that the shopping centre will serve and getting the tenant mix right is paramount to the success of a shopping centre. Our awareness and knowledge of this gives us a competitive advantage. We seek to provide effective solutions, and identify challenges during the planning phase of a project in order to streamline the process and not waste resources on being reactive. We have a large database of tenants to draw from to ensure that your shopping centre is tenanted to suit the customer profile and to ensure that your return on investment is maximised. Get in touch with us, we look forward to starting a project with you. Finding it time consuming and challenging to let those last few stores? Send us your vacancy schedule and leasing layout and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with securing tenants. We list available stores on our Leasing Worx Vacancies website.

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Acquisitions & Dispositions

We represent private companies, institutional clients and listed funds. We have specialized local market knowledge and insight. The commercial and retail property acquisition process can be complex with many challenges from the beginning. It can be challenging to find the right properties, manage the transaction and successfully close the transaction. We have the knowledge and are capable of successfully managing this process from start to finish. Disposing of commercial and retail properties in the current market environment poses significant challenges. We have the skills and knowledge to overcome these challenges and complete each transaction efficiently and successfully. If you are looking to expand your portfolio or if you’re disposing of property, get in touch with us today. We are ready to take on any opportunity.

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Development Advisory

Own or control land that is prime for development? Want to redevelop or expand an existing shopping centre? Then look no further. Our experience and knowledge in the field of development makes Leasing Worx the perfect partner and we will guide you every step of the way -- from putting the concept together to putting the development team together to making the concept a reality.

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